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Ourboro is a Toronto-based company dedicated to unlocking homeownership through professional co-ownership. Ourboro will co-invest up to $250K, helping homebuyers reach a 20% down payment. We’re not a lender, so there is no interest or additional debt. Instead, by contributing toward the down payment alongside the buyer, Ourboro purchases a share in the future value of the home.

While we co-own the home, additional programs, such as maintenance check-ups and renovation credits, are available to co-owners to help preserve and increase the property’s value. We can co-own the home for up to 10-years. Of course, co-owners are free to sell the home at any time. If they decide they would like to remain in the home, co-owners may offer to buy out our share based on fair market value.

Like a true partnership, both parties share in the profits when the home is sold. Ourboro is currently available for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area. For more information, please visit

Toronto, Ontario | Beanfield Centre + Hotel X


November 22-23, 2022