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GRID: Geo-Registry Integrated Datachain is a patent pending innovative solution to today’s complex real estate and financial industry challenges such as efficiency, transparency, enforcement, risk exposure, accountability, fraud, and the underground economy.

GRID has created a decentralized real estate registry business ecosystem that efficiently connects stakeholders, businesses, and consumers.

GRID covers multiple workflows in a property’s lifecycle, registering each significant event and alerting impacted stakeholders of changes to a property.

GRID offers a solution for:

  • Property Development – including Building Permitting, Planning & Development, and ByLaw Enforcement
  • Real Estate Transactions – including Agreements of Purchase and Sale, Pre-Sales, and Assignments
  • Property Insurance Transactions – including property insurance, builders risk insurance, and insurance claims
  • Mortgage Transactions – including conventional mortgages and construction loans
  • As well as many other property related significant events like Easements, Liens, Warranties, etc

GRID will be the authoritative history of a property with a timeline of events, and well-organizedsupporting documents.

GRID brings the complete property registry direct to the property owner thereby giving them access to their property records in real-time!

This accessibility to shared knowledge and data will mitigate risk, improve efficiencies, discourage tax evasion, and encourage better stewardship of property.

GRID is the intelligent solution

Toronto, Ontario | Beanfield Centre + Hotel X


November 22-23, 2022