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Revel Reality

Revel Reality

Revel Realty Inc. has become a surging, influential brand in the real estate industry, expanding to twenty one offices in little more than eight years, with over 300 realtors staking their signs on lawns throughout Ontario. Revel’s team first, collaborative approach to listing, selling, buying, leasing, and project development is based on a fundamental appreciation of people, diverse lifestyles, social culture and elite customer service. Motivated and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of Ryan Serravalle and Nicki Serravalle, founders of Revel Realty Inc., Revel’s mission is to REVELutionize the process of acquiring, selling and investing in real estate. This commitment to excellence, customization of service details, and the support of experiential learning provided by an in house REVEL ED program, has vaulted Revel to a prominent share in the marketplace. Characterized further by the achievement of prestigious industry awards; exponential growth in realtors and sales volume; top flight technological software to bolster networks; Revel’s own Charity Ball that raises funds for local charitable organizations; and innovative marketing projects like Revel Style Magazine – the company’s culture and lifestyle magazine, Revel is poised to continue its trendsetting ways in the industry. As its namesake promises, to “Revel” is to “celebrate” work and the relationships that originate from an honest service philosophy. These same values are inherent in Revel’s Mission statement and continue to foster a growth trajectory based on trust, integrity, charitable intentions, and ethical practices.

Toronto, Ontario | Beanfield Centre + Hotel X


November 22-23, 2022